Judy Jackson

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Email: judyj@rccfhelp.org

Judy Jackson


As the leader of the finance department; Judy brings a wealth of experience and expertise in financial management across various sectors. Prior to joining Recovery Connections of Central Florida; she held key financial roles in public, private, and non-profit organizations, gaining valuable insights into different business models and financial strategies.

Driven by a commitment to social responsibility, Judy is dedicated to leveraging her financial expertise to make a positive impact in the field of addiction recovery. She understands the unique challenges faced by individuals and families affected by addiction and is deeply invested in supporting programs and initiatives that promote healing and recovery.

Judy holds degrees in Education, Business / Finance, and Communications from Pepperdine University, Nova Southeastern University, and University of Central Florida, respectively. Outside of her professional endeavors, she enjoys long morning walks with her amazing husband, spending quality time with her two awesome adult children, and travelling to different parts of the world. ¬†Judy is committed to upholding the organization’s values and driving financial sustainability to ensure continued growth and success in fulfilling its mission of transforming lives and fostering hope in the journey to recovery.