Jessica Seeley

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Jessica Seeley CMI


Jessica Seeley is a seasoned professional with nine years of dedicated experience in the field of recovery and rehabilitation services. Holding a fervent belief in the transformative power of empathy and peer support, Jessica has been a driving force in elevating the standards of care and advocacy for individuals navigating the path to recovery.

In her role as the Director of Recovery Support Services, Jessica harnesses her extensive background as a Recovery Peer Specialist, infusing her leadership with the authentic empathy and understanding vital to these roles. Her journey from direct engagement with individuals in recovery to a strategic leadership position has equipped her with a profound understanding of the multifaceted needs of both clients and staff.

Jessica’s commitment to fostering a culture of empowerment and inclusivity is evident in her visionary approach to program development and implementation. Leveraging her experience as a Recovery Peer Specialist, she brings forth a language of empathy and encouragement, cultivating an environment where individuals feel understood, supported, and valued throughout their recovery journey.

Recognized for her exceptional leadership qualities, Jessica orchestrates comprehensive strategies that align organizational objectives with the holistic well-being of those in recovery. Her managerial prowess and dedication to innovation have played a pivotal role in the expansion and enhancement of recovery support services, ensuring that each program is imbued with a compassionate touch and a profound sense of purpose.

As Director of Recovery Support Services, Jessica Seeley is at the vanguard of transforming how recovery services are delivered, elevating the standard of care and advocating for the holistic needs of individuals in their journey towards wellness and resilience. Her fusion of expertise, empathy, and strategic direction embodies a visionary leadership style that continues to inspire positive change within the realm of recovery support services.