Chris Forman

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Chris Forman CRPS-P, CMI


Meet Chris Forman, a dedicated Recovery Peer Specialist and single father, whose journey embodies resilience, determination, and compassion. Drawing from his own profound experiences, Chris is committed to guiding others along the path to recovery with empathy and understanding.

As a Recovery Peer Specialist, Chris embodies the qualities essential to this role: empathy, active listening, and unwavering support. He recognizes the importance of meeting individuals where they are in their journey, offering non-judgmental assistance and genuine companionship through the challenges of recovery.

Chris’s journey to this role has been marked by perseverance. Having sought treatment 16 times and endured 19 visits to the emergency room, he knows firsthand the struggles of addiction and the road to healing. Despite setbacks, Chris remained steadfast in his pursuit of wellness, refusing to succumb to despair.

Finally, through unwavering determination and support, Chris found the path that led to sustainable recovery. His personal triumphs serve as a beacon of hope for those he now assists, demonstrating that with perseverance and support, lasting recovery is attainable.

As a single father, Chris brings a unique perspective to his role, understanding the complexities of balancing parenthood with personal wellness. His journey exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and the profound impact of peer support.

Through his work as a Recovery Peer Specialist, Chris Forman continues to inspire and uplift those in need, embodying the spirit of hope and possibility in the journey to recovery.