Chase Richardson

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Chase Richardson CMI


Chase Richardson is an inspiration as a Recovery Peer Specialist, leveraging his own journey of struggles to guide others toward paths of healing and sobriety. With experiences that span overcoming PTSD, multiple concussion trauma, and depression.  Chase’s story is one of perseverance and redemption.

As a Recovery Peer Specialist, Chase embodies the core qualities essential to his role: empathy, understanding, and lived experience. Having weathered the storms of addiction and mental health struggles himself, Chase possesses an innate ability to connect with individuals while fostering an environment of trust, acceptance, and mutual respect. His journey through adversity has enabled him with a unique perspective that allows him to fully understand the struggles of others with compassion and support.

Long term recovery stands as a testament to Chase’s dedication and resolve. His journey towards sobriety is not merely a milestone but a testament to his courage, determination, and belief in the power of second chances. Through his commitment to sobriety, Chase serves as an inspiration for others, demonstrating that no obstacle is insurmountable in the pursuit of a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and meaning.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chase now enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Whether he’s hitting the gym, spending time outdoors hunting, spending quality time with his family and friends, Chase embraces each day with gratitude. His enthusiasm for living serves as a reminder that true healing begins with embracing the richness of the present moment.