Angelina Allen

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Angelina Allen CRPS-P, CMI


Angelina Allen is presently and consistently in long-term recovery. Her journey from opioid, cocaine, alcohol and methamphetamine addiction was tough. During active addiction, she lost everything, including her three children, for a life on the streets. She sought out any substance to escape the harsh realities of life. She faced jails, institutions, hospitals, and even death. Finally, she was at her end and decided to surrender. As a participant in Drug Court many years ago, she has turned her life around and is serving as a Peer Recovery Specialist in Problem Solving Court through Recovery Connections. Her empathy and compassion make a significant impact on those struggling with similar challenges. She is excited to use her experience to support others in their path to recovery. She is now happily married with 6 children living a life full of love and peace.